Charlie's Fast Lube Jackson Guide to Using the Correct Fluids in Your Vehicle

December 26, 2021

Today's Charlie's Fast Lube Jackson post focuses on using coolant. If you pour in the wrong kind, it won't protect the cooling system and may even void the warranty. Check your vehicle owner's manual. Of course, your Charlie's Fast Lube Jackson service advisor will know the proper coolant for y... More

Odometer Rollback on Your Jackson, Missouri Vehicle

December 19, 2021

How do Jackson drivers know if an odometer is telling the truth?Well, back in '86, Congress passed the Truth-in-Mileage Act to protect Missouri consumers against mileage fraud. It says a Missouri seller must certify the mileage reported is the actual mileage.To have your odometer checked in Jac... More

Does My Choice in Oil Affect Change Intervals?

December 12, 2021

Oil changes are probably the most recognized service on a vehicle. Almost all Jackson residents know about them. But do we know enough?Several decades ago, oil changes were fairly standard: every three months or 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometers. But recent advances in both engine technology and o... More

The Puzzling Puddle (Leaks Under Vehicle)

December 5, 2021

Ever notice a little spot of liquid under your vehicle after you've parked in your driveway or garage? It may have been something as simple as water left from air conditioning condensation. But then again, it could be a sign that there's trouble brewing in one of your vehicle's systems. You can ... More